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September 29, 2021by Molly Johnston in Customer Stories

How FISPAN got proactive about their workplace mental health strategy. Discover the key success drivers and people centred results.


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FISPAN is a leading Canadian FinTech company, making it simple for banks to offer commercial banking services embedded in any business application. As an employer, FISPAN is committed to the health and wellbeing of its employees and offers comprehensive health and wellness coverage. However, with remote working conditions and the company's exponential growth, FISPAN recognized a need for additional mental health support.


Lack of a simple yet effective, confidential tool to support employee emotional wellbeing and mental health.
FISPAN needed a flexible solution that fit the needs of a diverse workforce during a time in which they were experiencing exponential growth.

People Centred Results
  • Greater understanding of the connection between mental health and other aspects of wellbeing.
  • Increased emotional awareness from both the organization and employees.
  • Empowered employees, equipped with skills and evidence-based solutions to improve their own mental wellbeing.
Keys to Success
  • Simple and flexible tool to help increase self awareness and mental health.
  • Access to effective analytical tools that capture trends and provide actionable insight.
  • Slack integration to ensure accessible and effective internal communications and drive engagement.

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