Featured Individuals : Brittany Cowen

August 3, 2022by Carissa Harrison in Announcements

In honour of CheckingIn’s Squamish Nation partnership launch, we will be featuring Indigenous community leaders all week long. First up is Brittany Cowen!

Brittany's Story:

Brittany is a Mental Health and Substance Use Clinician for the Squamish Nation. She has a formal education in both land-based and theoretical Indigenous studies from the University of Athabasca. In her work, Brittany incorporates all parts of the traditional medicine wheel to nurture healing. Having been impacted by addiction in her own life, Brittany uses her past experiences to inform her practice and help other Indigenous people struggling with substance misuse.

Brittany's Community Impact:

Brittany counsels people in the Indigenous community who are struggling with their mental health and substance use. She strongly believes in meeting her clients where they are at. She will counsel people on walks, over the phone, in her office, whatever they need! Brittany's work is vital to the Squamish Nation community. Her caseload is currently full, but Brittany still hopes to help everyone she possibly can.

Mental Health in Brittany's Life:

Due to the gravity and intensity of the work she does, Brittany has to prioritize her own mental health. To clear her mind, she turns to her Indigenous roots. Brittany likes to spend her time in nature, partaking in smudging, and leans on her higher power to keep her mentally strong.

To learn more about Brittany visit her on Instagram!


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