Featured Individuals : Lena Price

August 31, 2022by Carissa Harrison in Announcements

In honour of CheckingIn’s Squamish Nation partnership launch, we will be featuring Indigenous community leaders! This week's honouree is Lena Price!

Lena's Story:

Lena Price is the Mental Health Program Coordinator for the Squamish Nation. She has a traditional education in Political Science and a personal passion for fostering meaningful change in marginalized communities. After university, Lena knew that she wanted to work in a position where she could make a community impact. Receiving the offer to work with the Squamish Nation was an extremely welcome surprise for Lena, and she is grateful for the opportunity to engage in such meaningful work.

Lena's Community Impact:

As a settler, Lena believes that continuous learning is paramount for reconciliation. She consistently works with her team to learn which language is appropriate to use in various contexts and how to best position herself as an ally.
As the Mental Health Program Coordinator, Lena is always working on a multitude of projects. She finds going out in the field and working directly with the community to be the most impactful aspect of her work. Some of her favourite projects include LGBTQS+ blanketing ceremonies, land cleanups, and events where the community can come together to participate in their traditions.

Mental Health in Lena's Life

Lena relies on her community when she feels her mental health is slipping. Her colleagues are a great support system when it comes to workplace uncertainty.


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