Partnership Announcement: Canadian Mental Health Association

December 13, 2022by Carissa Harrison in Announcements

CheckingIn is honoured to announce our partnership with one of Canada’s leading mental health organizations, the Canadian Mental Health Association Vancouver-Fraser (CMHA VF).

CheckingIn will be joining forces with the CMHA VF to enhance the Here4Peers program with a fully customized digital experience.

Here4Peers is a youth-driven, evidence-based, mental health awareness and skill-building program which involves training older grade 10-12 "peers" from high schools to facilitate an interactive mental health workshop to grade 7 classrooms in catchment elementary schools.

The youth facilitators will take the lead on creating mental health content for their elementary school peers using journal prompts, video lessons, audio notes, reflective questions and so much more!

The Here4Peers Workshop goals are to:
- Reduce stigma
- Increase awareness of mental health issues and coping tools
- Improve access to resources

The overall goal of the Here4Peers workshop is to help diminish attitudes of stigma by increasing students' knowledge of mental illness and encouraging peer-to-peer supportive responses.

In 2021-22, the program reached 992 students across the Greater Vancouver Region, and with the addition of technology improvements, we are excited about the opportunity to increase accessibility and support for all students.

For media inquiries please reach out to Carissa Harrison at

If you are interested in receiving the workshop in your school, please contact Denise Johnson at for inquiries.


Manager Mental Health Training with Jordan Friesen


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