Reach your Peak Potential with Tyrell Mara

September 14, 2022by Carissa Harrison in Announcements

We are thrilled to announce that we have been working closely with former NCAA athlete and social leader, Tyrell Mara!

This month, CheckingIn is partnering with Tyrell to bring a live session and series of motivational lessons/exercises. We will be covering 3 key areas: goal setting, decision-making, and energy management. This is an expertly designed program that enterprise clients, employers, and HR leaders can offer to their teams. Participants will leave this webinar with tools to cultivate the life they always wanted!

Allow us to introduce you to Tyrell... he is the founder of The Human Performance Project. In this philanthropic endea vor, he teaches people from all walks of life, to perform at their peak potential. He does this by combining energy management and physiological goals. Tyrell also has a passion for growing businesses through digital marketing. He has taken on the goal of turning a $500 million dollar technology company into one of the world's leading companies for renewable energy. Tyrell proves that with enough motivation and dedication, you can smash all of your goals.

In addition to his thriving work life, Tyrell has a rich personal life. When he is not working, he believes in leaning into simplicity. His wife and daughters inspire him every day to work toward the best version of himself!

Click the link below to register for the reach your peak potential series.


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