Mental health made simple

Leave your mental wellness package to us. CheckingIn is a complete program for organizations, supported by a mobile app for your team.

Inclusive monthly programs

Every month, your team explores a new wellness topic through challenges, workshops, and discussions. Anonymized, real-time insights help you plan the right supports.

Empowering from every angle

Managing emotions is just one piece of the mental health puzzle. CheckingIn is built to help people thrive across the eight critical dimensions of wellness.

  • Emotional

  • Physical

  • Environmental

  • Intellectual

  • Occupational

  • Spiritual

  • Financial

  • Social

The science behind CheckingIn

Our feelings can shift in a moment. Maybe a customer snaps at you. Or a colleague needs help. That’s the stimulus. If we’re not self-aware, we jump right from stimulus to response. Stress, burnout, and mental health issues trigger our brain to repeat old stories and patterns. We’re not always the people we want to be.

Between stimulus and response lies the choice, and in that choice lies your freedom.

As self-awareness grows, so does the time between stimulus and reaction. CheckingIn trains your mind to notice how the stimulus affects you. Instead of reacting automatically, you learn to accept your feelings and choose how you want to respond.

Good for people. Good for business.

Stay close to your team, no matter where they’re working. Support their wellbeing and build a healthier, more resilient workforce

  • Adapt to changing needs

    Employees are burnt out. Mental health problems are rising. CheckingIn shows you where people need support, for a measurable return on your investment.

  • Promote psychological safety

    Foster a culture where people feel safe to ask questions, make mistakes, express emotions, and bring their whole selves to work.

  • Attract and retain great people

    Enrich your existing benefits with an effective mental health tool. Building a more reflective, resilient workforce can also minimize employee turnover.


Explore the CheckingIn app

Quick check-ins

Quick check-ins

What’s your word? What’s your number? Check-ins take just 30 seconds. If people want to go deeper, they can explore a wide range of guided content.

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Researchers at the University of British Columbia Vision Lab demonstrated that using CheckingIn signficantly improved user wellbeing.

International research also shows that organizations gain, on average, a 4.2x return on every dollar they spend on mental health interventions and supports.

Tailored to you

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