Featured Individuals: Tara Adams

May 3, 2022by Sommer Hines in Announcements

Meet our next featured influential individual for Mental Health Week - Tara Adams!

This Mental Health Week we're featuring some of the best ....

Today, we're pleased to introduce you to Tara Adams!
Tara is the Owner of Abridge Consulting. In her first year and a half of business, Tara has led approximately 140 workplace mental health sessions with up to 800 attendees each. Most of her sessions are offered internally within various organizations but she has hosted and led public sessions as well.

Tara answered the following questions for us:

Q: What is your story? Why are you an advocate for mental health?

A: I believe that the workplace has so much opportunity to not only help employee mental health but also their families and the next generation. Healthier adults will support a healthier next generation.

Q: How do you care for your own mental health?

A: I leverage a lot of peer support, self-care, and professional care. It might be part of being in this space all day everyday, but I really like to use informal and formal support. I also really, really love to hit a tennis ball as hard as possible!

To learn more about Tara, check out her website

Tara, thank you for the work you do in the mental health space!


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