New board of advisors: Debbie Pearmain and Jordan Friesen

October 12, 2022by Carissa Harrison in Announcements

We are delighted to welcome two new members to our advisory board, Debbie Pearmain and Jordan Friesen.

We are always looking to draw upon a variety of expertise to guide our growth at CheckingIn. These proven experts will help refine the overall vision of CheckingIn and work with us to position ourselves as leaders in the ever-changing workplace mental health industry.

Meet Jordan
Jordan Friesen is the founder and president of Mindset Mental Health Strategy, where he spearheads many initiatives focused on workplace mental health. His life's work has been dedicated to building mental health strategies for companies that want to increase longevity and create a more compassionate workforce.

Along with consulting, Jordan holds a master's degree in occupational therapy, and is an experienced mentor and public speaker!

Meet Debbie
Debbie Pearmain has worked with CEOs and leadership teams for over 25 years at more than 250 companies.

She has dedicated her career to consulting and coaching clients at the personal, team, leadership, and organizational levels. Debbie's understanding of human behavior comes from her background in social work and human resources. She draws upon her extensive training in leadership development and emotional intelligence to assist clients in reaching new levels of performance.

Both Debbie and Jordan will host a monthly program that you can participate in!

Jordan will be hosting a monthly manager mental health training.
Debbie will be hosting Mindset Bootcamp - an immersive group coaching experience.

We are looking forward to sharing the growth we see with Debbie and Jordan as part of our CheckingIn family.


Mindset Bootcamp Re-launch


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